Àrea d'esplai del Torrent de l'Escaiola
   Àrea d'esplai del Torrent de l'Escaiola


The most colorful birds, for their rarity and majesty, are the raptors: hawks, hawks, goshawks, buzzards, short-toed and Bonelli's eagles.
We must celebrate that the disappeared kestrels have recently returned to inhabit the mountain. But of birds there are many others, among those who only visit us in summer we should highlight the turtledoves and bee-eaters. There are also quite a few finches associated with the crops: goldfinches, linnets, finches.
In the forests we find jays, smallpox, garsers, pigeons ... The endless number of species that reside temporarily or permanently in our mountain is endless.
Finally we will mention some species of mammals: bats (which find refuge in caves and chasms), hedgehogs, moles, mice, rabbits, badgers, were ...
We will make a special mention to the pig cliffs: its population has been significantly increased in recent years. This fact has been caused mainly by two factors: abandonment of crops (which has made the forest grow where it lives mainly) and the other the hybridization with domestic pigs that the hunters began to make in the early 60's (has increased the birth rate: 3-4 scratches have gone to 4-8). There are more and more voices among farmers and naturalists who say that there are too many pigs up the mountain, and that they are compromising certain fragile ecosystems in and of themselves: the landings as an example.



(Source: Diputación de Barcelona)


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