Àrea d'esplai del Torrent de l'Escaiola
   Àrea d'esplai del Torrent de l'Escaiola




The predominant forests are holm oak (coastal and mountain with boxwood) in the highlands less altered.

There is also some pubescent oak oak. The holm oak forests have been exploited until about 50 years ago to make charcoal.

Currently some forest is still cut to extract firewood. In the lower parts, more humanized, the pine forests abound, fruit of the abandonment of the vineyards. It is in this area where most of the crops are.

In the crests and hills there are usually landings (spots of rock with very little soil), it is in this environment where vegetable species that are scarce in the mountain can live.

Note the unique endemism of the mountain: a subspecies of the Pata de Colón (Erodium cicutarium ssp glandulosum).

These diverse ecosystems are populated by a great diversity of animals.

From the smallest invertebrates (with several endemisms), fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

The variety of native fish is very small: catfish, barbels and foixins. They have been introduced from ancient tents and other foreign fish.

Among the amphibians include: frogs, toads and the rare Ionian triton.

More variety among the reptiles: from the brook turtle in snakes and vipers, through lizards, lizards and glass snakes.


(Source: Diputación de Barcelona)




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